Most of these questions are can be answered by reading the Conservancy District's Rates and Rules document, which is available on this site in the Documents section or by visitng the Conservancy District office.

My contact information (phone number, billing address, et cetera) has changed. Do I need to inform the conservancy district?

Can I transfer my service to another person without having to have the water shut off and turned on again?

Can I get my water turned on without paying an Unlock Fee?

How soon can you turn my water on after I pay the unlock fee?

Why can't we be informed of all water shutdowns in advance?

My water supply was off recently and the water is discoloured coming from the tap. Why?

How do I locate my water pit?

Should I have a 'whole house shut-off valve' installed?

How do I find my sewage hookup?

What plumbing am I responsible for as the home owner/resident?

What constitutes an emergency or 'after hours' call?

Is there a charge for after hours or emergency calls?

What causes sewer blockages?

What should I do if my sewer backs up?

Why is my tash not getting picked up?

How much do trash bags cost?