Well and Treatment

VBLCD is a class 3 water utility. Well water is pumped to the treatment plant at approximately 70 gallons per minute (70gpm), treated with Chlorine (Cl2) before being filtered and then pushed into the distribution system at approximately 70gpm.

The water treatment plant houses two seperate filtration systems. The first is considered a gravity filter - which means, the water is pumped into a large detention tank above the filter and then pulled by gravity through the filter media. The filter consists of a few types of media: Maris media, silicon sand and peagravel. This treated and filtered water is then pushed into the second set of filters.

The second set of (2) filters work in tandem and are known as pressure filters. This means that they have no detention tank and gravity does not play a role in the movement of water. Instead the pressure filters filter water that is being pushed through the filter media by one of two high service pumps. The pressure filter tanks use only MARIS media, that is rejuvenated by Cl2 and Potassium permanganate on a daily basis.

VBLCD Water TowerDistribution system

This distribution system is fed by a 100,000 gallon water tower. The tower stands 105 feet. The tank was constructed in 1973.


VBLCD Water Filters