About VBLCD.

VanBibber Lake Conservancy District.


The VanBibber Lake Conservancy District is located in the Northwest corner of Putnam County approximately 9 miles Northwest of Greencastle, Indiana. The District is located within Clinton Township


The VanBibber Lake project was started in 1962 by Virgil and Syble VanBibber. The first phase of the project was the development of a mobile home court. A 9 acre lake was constructed in 1963. The VanBibber Lake project was incorporated in July 1970 as VanBibber Lake, Inc.

To serve the development, a water supply system, a sewage collection system and a sewage treatment works were installed.


The VanBibber Lake Conservancy District was established in 1982 to provide an organization with sufficient authority, power and financial ability to enable the landowners involved to solve the problems inherent within the district. The District, in cooperation with VanBibber Lake, Inc., the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, the Indiana State Board of Health, the Indiana Department of Natural Resouces, the Putnam County Plan Commission and the Putnam County Sanitarian developed plans for the operation of the District inclusive of its water system.

The VanBibber Lake Conservancy District can levee taxes, make special assessment and exceptional benefits assessments, borrow money, issue bonds, or use any other method permitted by IC 13-13-3 as required to provide for the necessary funds for the construction and maintenance of any works of improvement. The VanBibber Lake Conservancy District provides an organization to perform these functions.


The VanBibber Lake Conservancy District is bounded on three sides by the Little Walnut Creek Conservancy District property, a local flood control project. The Conservancy District lies within the Little Walnut Creek watershed. All surface runoff from the District flows into Glenn Flint Lake.


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